出演者紹介-Player Profile-

  • - Rakugo
  • 古今亭菊志ん

    Kokontei kikushin

    In March 2007, he was awarded Shinuchi and he has been very busy with performances. His charming way of talking makes him popular. In 2014, he entered his 20th year as a Rakugo performer, so he has been working much more vigorously.

  • 春風亭百栄

    Shunputei momoe

    He spent 8 years traveling and practicing sushi making in Los Angeles. In February 1995, he became the 7th Shunpuutei Eishi. In 2008, he was awarded Shinuchi. His speciality is creating new Rakugo with a unique view of the world.

  • 春風亭柳朝

    Shunputei ryuchou

    His speciality is filling the hearts of the listeners with joy with his energetic talk. He loves railways trips and going to public bathhouses above all. He’s also working in various chairman.

  • 桃月庵白酒

    Tougetuan hakushu

    He has such an excellent sounding voice with powerful projection that most reviews say that he has an “impressive voice”. In addition, he has a reputation for his authentic, classical Rakugo and sharp intro.

  • 五明摟玉の輔

    Gomeirou tamanosuke

    As a veteran Rakugo storyteller, he has many fans. Another kind of art he works on is his handmade Tenugui cloths with various designs and logos.

  • 橘家圓太郎

    Tachibanaya entaro

    His way of talking has variety and power. The parents and children found the funny face story “Sparklers”, which he told at Kodomoyose really funny. His emotional way of talking during his legitimate classic Rakugo is popular.

  • 三遊亭萬橘

    Sanyutei mankitu

    In 2013, he was awarded Shinuchi and became the fourth Sanyutei Mankitsu. Contrary to his mild appearance, his Rakugo, overflowing with strength and power have gained him many enthusiastic fans. 

  • 立川晴の輔

    Tatekawa harenosuke

    The famous Master Shinosuke Tatekawa’s number one apprentice. In 2013, he was awarded Shinuchi and became Shinosuke. He starts with smooth and clever talk before moving in and captivating the audience with powerful Rakugo.

  • 三笑亭夢丸

    Sanshoutei yumemaru

    With sparkling eyes, he puts so much effort into his extreme Rakugo storytelling that sweat showers the stage. With that power, not only children but adults also become captivated.

  • 古今亭文菊

    kokontei bungiku

    While he is young, his calm and relaxing talking style with his rich facial expressions and vocal variety are charming. Due to this skillful talking style, he was able to surpass 28 of the more experienced members and obtain Shinuchi.

  • 桂宮治

    kastura miyaji

    4 years after entry he gained Futatsume rank. The same year, he became a super VIP newcomer and received the Best New Performer award at the NHK. It’s as though audience becomes drunk on the humour with his powerful performance and energetic talking style.

  • 春風亭ぴっかり

    Shunputei pikkari

    Her combination of skill and cuteness have earned her the name of Rakugo Idol. It may be difficult to imagine from her beautiful appearance, but with her smooth and clever way of talking she performs very amusing Rakugo.

  • 三笑亭可風

    Sansyoutei kafu

    During his Rakugo, his beautiful slanted eyes, gentle facial expression and high voice bring out his cuteness. Not just Rakugo, but he can also perform Kappore dance. He gained Shinuchi in May 2016.

  • 春風亭一蔵

    Shunputei ichizo

    Since from looking at his large body, we could not imagine his warm and considerate personality, he has a story about how they wouldn’t let him graduate from Zenza level. He tells a lightly cheerful, yet powerful Rakugo.

  • 笑福亭瓶二

    Shofukutei Heiji

    He is the apprentice of the prosperous Tsurube Shôfukutei, so we expect great things from him. As expected he gave a charming and cheerful performance. He warms up the audience with a Kansai style long intro and then adds on Rakugo later.

  • 古今亭駒次

    Kokontei Komaji

    Their speciality is “Railway Rakugo”. Although they focus on new materials for their personal shows, their performance of the classics is also pretty good. At their school Rakugo shows, they show their enthusiasm by requesting “Koma-Chan” to be chanted.

  • - 講談
  • 神田松之丞

    Kanda matsunojyo

    While he is a young performer who is still Futatsume rank, due to his skills in the Rakugo world he is said to possesses a rare and exceptional talent. He is so popular his solo show tickets sell out right away. His powerful way of talking which grabs the hearts of the listeners is his charm point.

  • 一龍斎貞寿

    Ichiryusai teiju

    He mostly does Kodan with pictures for children. He draws the illustrations himself. He tells the Kodan with an absolutely cheerful personality and comical, anime like voice which captivates his audience.

  • - 漫才
  • ロケット団


    Boke Masaaki Miura and Tsukkomi Gou Kuramoto‘s refreshing, light and good tempo Manzai is extremely funny to both young people and small children. No matter where they perform they create a whirlpool of laughter.

  • 宮田陽・昇

    Miyata you&shou

    The unique tempo and rhythm of slightly air-headed Boke Yoh Miyada and the frightening looking Tsukkomi of few words Sho Miyada gradually brought out the laughter from the audience.

  • - Iromono
  • 柳貴家小雪

    Yanagiya koyuki

    She was born in the head family of Mito Daikagura, one of the 3 big Daikagura schools. When she was 5 years old, she studied under her own father, 18th generation Shouraku Yanagiya. She completed her first performance at the age of 8.

  • 三増れ紋

    Mimasu remon

    She is one of the few female spinning top artists working in the country. In 1994, she gained the experience of her first Manzai performance. In addition to her high level techniques, she has a reputation for creating a constant flow of laughter with her talk.

  • 林家今丸

    Hayashiya imamaru

    Thirty years ago while he was in India and Europe, with one pair of scissors, he took the chance to gain experience performing and gathering sources in each area of the world. His specialities include works with traditional Japanese features and tastes. He is also good at drawing caricatures.

  • 三増紋之助

    Mimasu monnoshuke

    His big voice and bright smile are his trademarks. When he shows off the extremely difficult Edo spinning top performance so easily, it’s so impressive that it’s enough to forget to clap at the end.

  • 佃川燕也

    Tukudagawa enya

    Tsukudagawa Oedo Tamasudare family. A number of mixed traditional Nankin Tamasudare and personally created Tamasudare performances will be announced. They have over 200 students in Japan.

  • 鏡味仙志郎

    Kagami senshirou

    He was introduced to the field by his father Senzaburo Kagami and has continued working on his career for almost 20 years. In addition to Yose stages, he has also performed in schools across the country. He also went to offer encouragement and words of consolation to people in prisons, youth detention centers and the Self Defence Force etc.

  • 恩田えり

    Onda eri

    There was a special aura was drifting, unlike any other Iromono. At Kodomoyose, we had a quiz about Ohayashi and Debayashi. A musical improvisation was performed along with the children’s umbrella spinning.

  • 伊藤夢葉

    Ito muyou

    He has a wide repertoire, from stage to table magic. He is good at comical talk magic and especially rope magic.

  • マグナム小林

    Magunamu kobayashi

    He is good at playing the violin while doing tap dance, Taisho Enka and onomatopoeia. His best performance is the “The Rowdy Shogun’s Theme Song”, which is performed on the violin while doing tap dance.

  • 林家正楽

    Hayashiya shouraku

    The man who has competed a few times at present with his paper cutting techniques. The pieces that the master cuts are certainly artistic. If the theme of “fireworks” is mentioned, he cuts a picture of a family watching fireworks.

  • 江戸家まねき猫

    Edoya manekineko

    The Edoya family who is famous for animal imitation. His father is the third Edoya Nekohachi and the techniques were passed down to him his charming smile is his trademark.

  • 江戸家小猫

    Edoya Koneko

    His father is the Fourth Edoya Nekohachi. His own animal imitation is not limited to the traditional finger whistling, but he can also realistically imitate gorillas and chimpanzees which is his own new kind of mimicry.

  • チャンキー松本

    Chanky mastumoto

    He became a traveling performer not a Rakugo performer. He cuts portraits of the customers at the venue in less than two minutes. He gets the audience heated up by playing the harmonica while performing.

  • 鏡味味千代

    Kagami Michiyo

    She chose an unusual career of path of Daikagura at the age of 29. She has performed abroad many times and is proficient at French and English. She is still active even after giving birth at the age of 39. Not only is she beautiful, but also highly skilled.

  • めおと楽団ジキジキ(音楽漫談)


    Kaoruku’s speciality is not only “Head Melodica” (playing the melodica with the forehead), but also her singing skill is wonderful. Kiyoshi’s clever guitar progression brings you into the Jikijiki world.

  • ストレート松浦

    Straight Matsuura

    His juggling technique is godlike. However, he doesn’t make the audience realise this until the end of the performance, keeping them tricked with his kind smile and comical talk.

  • 遠峰あこ

    Tomine Ako

    She sings old Japanese folk songs in modern arrangements while playing the accordion and composes new folk songs for this generation. She performs around the world, but mainly in France.

  • のだゆき

    Noda Yuki

    From when she was a student, she worked as a pianist. In 2009 she performed on the melodica , which earned her the name of “Unparalleled Pianist”. Right now, she is focusing on doing melodica and recorder performances at Rakugo shows.